Fullstack Developer - Digital Analyst - Photographer

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Back-end development

High-performance websites and applications in .Net, Node, AngularJS, PHP, Java and C++.


Optimized JavaScript for high-performance websites and single-page web apps.

Digital Analysis

Dashboard solutions, insights gathering, content marketing and social media management.

Angular Stock Watcher

A live, auto-refreshing, stock quote watcher built with AngularJS. An open-source project showcasing some features of the Angular framework while putting it through the stress-test of web performance.

Simple visual

Built to provide simple, easy to grasp dashboard elements.

Entirely open-source

Easily forked, using Angular, Bootstrap and Gulp.

Responsive Layout

Works well on any device or screen resolution.

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My Work

Some of the most recent projects I've had the chance to work on.

24 Hours of Vinyl, San Francisco Edition

A video recap of our 24 Hours of Vinyl edition in San Francisco.

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