July 27, 2011 Philippe Sawicki

Prison Garde – Système Hermès Volume One

Ex-Montrealer and new-Vancouverite Prison Garde (formely known as Sixtoo, Megasoid, Speakerbruiser Rob) just leaked a compilation of beats baked over the last few months, Système Hermès Volume One, through the fine people of sub|division. A BPM-sorted release for the best listening experience, just as the best movie rental stores could be identified by the way they sorted their collection alphabetically by director name.

The only thing better than some 808-fuelled funky disco warehouse groove is some free 808-fuelled funky disco warehouse groove.


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Philippe Sawicki I am a computer engineer by day and journalist by night. I contribute pictures, texts and videos of Montreal nightlife to various outlets, most notably Music Is My Sanctuary.

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