Hi! I'm Phil and I build
Internet-connected platforms

About Me

I help teams reach their full potential by supporting collaborative, innovative individuals and their ideas.

My role is to remove obstacles and promote best practices so teams can do more with less, focusing on delivering value to customers where it is needed. By designing clear solutions of well-defined purpose, I help teams pivot fast and stakeholders make informed decisions to provide value to customers.

Talks & Presentations

Academy Software Foundation Open Source Days (2023)

OpenUSD for Web Visualization working group accomplishments, presented during the Academy Software Foundation's Open Source Days 2023.

OpenUSD at Moment Factory (2023)

Presenting OpenUSD and the Academy Software Foundation at the industry gathering hosted by Moment Factory for cross-domain 3D professionals.

Montreal International Games Summit (2022)

USD: New production pipelines and the impact on the Metaverse panel presenting the different forms of involvement of Pixar's OpenUSD in video games, its connections with NVIDIA's Omniverse platform for the creation of new digital content production pipelines. Presented in collaboration with NVIDIA, Autodesk, Epic and Eidos.

Academy Software Foundation Open Source Days (2022)

USD for Web Visualization working group accomplishments, presented during the Academy Software Foundation's Open Source Days 2022.


A Deep Dive into Building Microservices with Omniverse talk and interactive Q&A session walking through the process of creating, deploying and running an end-to-end microservice workflow on the Omniverse platform.

Work & Experience

2021 – present



Engineer on Omniverse Cloud, Omniverse Streaming and Omniverse Farm.

2015 – 2021

Technical Lead


Technical Lead on 3ds Max, 3ds Max Interactive and Revit Live.

  • Transitioned prototypes into products
  • Established functional requirements by engaging with customers
  • Architected innovative, modern tools and data pipelines
  • Designed Cloud-based workflows for desktop products
  • Facilitated communications between disciplines
  • Implemented DevSecOps processes
  • Provided Agile teams with self-service tools
  • Implemented data analytics solutions and CI/CD workflows
  • Built multidisciplinary cross-functional teams
  • Developed multi-platform AR/VR/MR experiences
  • Designed USD workflows for DCC tools

2010 – 2015

Software Engineer & Digital Analyst

Orckestra Inc.

Worked as full-stack developer and digital analyst on major e-commerce platforms (Sports Experts, Sobeys' IGA & Thrifty Foods, Schlumberger, ...).

  • Transitioned a SaaS product into a core Cloud platform
  • Oversaw data analytics integration within the core platform
  • Raised data analytics literacy level within the organization
  • Worked with customers to define KPIs for their projects
  • Reduced operational costs through automation
  • Increased customer revenue by optimizing checkout process
  • Increased product impressions by optimizing front-end performance
  • Established adoption of front-end best practices

Featured Projects